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Listening Larkin Grimm

Read Larkin's blog to get a better sense of her thoughts: "One problem with the underground music scene now is that a lot of the more radical kids are afraid to be sexy... We know that John McCain is staring at Sarah Palin's ass while she is making speeches... the whole universe is contained in this moment."
Before, Larkin Grimm sung folk for the forests—see her myspace for country chanting, etc. Now, she rides out of the trees on great magical horses—like a Tolkienian spaghetti western. Years back, Larkin Grimm persuaded a crowd and I to lie on the floor and engage in some astro-traveling. She walked amongst us as we lay in that room above the pub, still wrapped in scarfs, warmed by candlelight. Most would have thought of ice palaces burning to the ground, thinking of the winter outside and the increasing heat inside. Now though, in “Ride the Cyclone,” I imagine a spiritual journey to get back to civilization, following the songlines, eager to destroy, rebuild, summon wild voices, and warm the blood of the next generation. —

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