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Members of a visit, board, search and seizure team, assigned to the guided-missile frigate USS Vandegrift. Credit: Commander, US 7th Fleet..

When the Police Can Take Your Cash, Cars, and Home

  • Five municipal governments that rely most on civil asset forfeiture—and the fines that come with it—are towns of under 1,500 people. Updated 13h ago
  • Thanks to John Oliver and the Washington Post, Eric Holder banned the practice of police using federal laws to seize assets.
  • City attorney of a small city in New Mexico describes "little goodies" of civil asset forfeiture.
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Really? Yes, really. Credit: Alex Liivet.

Words, Words, Words

  • Yes, there is an American Jewish accent and no, it's not just a New York accent. Linguists explain why the study of "Jewish English" is so complicated. Updated 14h ago
  • Two new studies explain why Australia has one of the largest language families.
  • Why our memories and moralities are deeply entwined with the languages we speak.
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Credit: World Bank.

Leading While Female

  • Why we’re more likely to interpret women’s facial expressions as emotions and men’s as reactions. Updated 17h ago
  • Visceral backlash against Hillary’s candidacy can be linked to a social phenomenon called “precarious manhood.”
  • There’s a good chance we’ll see a record number of female Senators come November—and our government will be much improved.
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Older black people who want to silence us on the basis that they fought against apartheid need to shut the fuck up!!! We are here because you failed us! So please!

Why society should be pleased when activists lose faith in their heroes.
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Does Scrubbing Factual Information Undermine Free Speech?

A new law in California allows actors to have their ages removed from sites like IMDB. The effort was led by Gabrielle Carteris—Andrea from Beverly Hills 90210who was 29 when she was cast as a 16-year-old. But Oliver Staley argues in Quartz that in this case "the internet is just a scapegoat for Hollywood’s fixation on young women... After all, it’s much easier to target a website than the Hollywood patriarchy."


Fashion Week Begins in Paris, And Yet

A new study finds the average woman to be around a size 20—plus-size—and not a 14, as previously thought. When the fashion industry refuses to acknowledge reality, Erika Nicole Kendall says that shoppers fall into a cycle of "coveting everything about a woman walking down the runway, tormenting ourselves to try to be like her, and then shaming ourselves for failing miserably."

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Debate Lessons from Obama

In 2012, Barack Obama was flustered by Mitt Romney in his first debate. "This isn't on the level," he complained. His speechwriter dishes on how the campaign convinced Obama to downplay his most winning qualities, including his intellect and sense of fairness, to win the next round.

Worth remembering: The first debate usually goes to the challenger.


The more plausibly reality is faked, the more beautiful the pane we place between it and ourselves becomes.

Updating the realism-in-art argument for the 21st century, when video game producers claim almost monthly to produce generational breakthroughs in graphics technology.
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"Leading" Exorcists Cite Increase in Demand

"The first line of defence is not to see the Devil everywhere but to determine what this person is up against." Exorcists today take pains to display their modernity, working with psychologists to separate mental health issues from demonic possession. Only 1 in 5,000 requests, they say, turns out to really be an act of Satan, though the total is growing.


"Waffle House will be there in the morning, I told myself. Finally, a thing that’s sure." In tough times, Waffle House—the chain that inspired a FEMA code because it is always open—inspires a personal index of suffering.

More Jobs, Fewer Applicants

A complicated picture of economic growth emerges: it's the best time for job-seekers in America since 2001, but Trump's message of economic malaise works because 99% of those jobs are going to college graduates. 


Your Tuesday Morning White Paper

As Chicago's violence levels continue to skyrocket, Illinois lawmakers continue to refuse to fund a violence-prevention program that a new report shows has direct correlations to the homicide and violent crime rates in the city.

And in case you need another white paper to go with your coffee: "How Police and Courts are Misusing Unreliable IP Address Information and What They Can Do to Better Verify Electronic Tips."

The situation in Aleppo, as of September 4, 2016. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

A Ceasefire in Syria

  • UK ambassador despairs of destruction in Aleppo, which Russian planes have begun to target again in their support of Syria's central government. Updated 17h ago
  • UN halts aid operations in Syria after new bombings. US blames Russian warplanes; Russia blames terrorists.
  • Ceasefire's future is in doubt after a mistaken United States airstrike wipes out a Syrian Army company.
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Credit: James Willamor.
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Credit: Victoria Pickering.

Police Unions: Good or Bad?

  • Police unions are frequently segregated, and frequently prefer to stay that way. Updated 4d ago
  • Criminologist finds little research into police unions and their effects on societies and cities—but nearly all of the research says they're bad.
  • Cops refuse to protect NFL players on grounds that athletes don't have freedom of speech.
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Credit: New Belgium.

Hyping the Great Outdoors

  • Ultramarathoner Karl Meltzer sets Appalachian Trail record with unique fueling strategy (including bacon and beer). Updated 1w ago
  • FOMO helped to kill the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Climber and Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard blames "the death of the outdoors" on Outside magazine.
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