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A very stupid thing begins again. Credit: TMN.
Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein avoided a life sentence in prison—by making a deal with Trump's new labor pick.

A fascinating extended glimpse into the mind and psyche of a crazed narcissist.

Nathan Rabin gives a rave review to This Is It!: The Secret Lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson.
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"Every snowstorm is a snowpocalypse; every drought lasts years." Doree Shafrir on climate, consciousness, and L.A.
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Will extra military capabilities allow the United States to march into what Winston Churchill once called the “broad sunlit uplands” of victory? It’s the $54 billion question.

And the answer, judging by the history of America over the last 70 years, is a resounding "no."
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If you've been waiting on a long analysis of the NBA's "secret addiction" to peanut butter sandwiches—it's here.

Greg Paulus's flop is a gem in the Duke-hater's highlight reel—in case you didn't know, despite the team's winning ways and its coach's astounding career, many sports fans hate Dook passionately—but this guide to thorough haterdom, specific to losses during March Madness, has many more.

"Most expensive record ever sold" hoaxster unveiled. The same guy once dyed his skin brown to fake Hendrix lineage.

Helado Negro released one of our favorite albums of 2016 (if only we hadn't accidentally deleted them), the transportive Private Energy. And the three songs in this video are three mesmerizing reasons why.

Stunning photographs of the remarkably deep Sierra snowpack as captured by the "Airborne Snow Observatory."
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