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Sep 30
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Some Facts About the Listicle

The bread and butter of online journalism, epitomized by lists like “The 25 Most Kimye Things That Have Ever Happened,” got its start in a 19th-century column in the New York Times.

The Dec. 7, 1902, edition of the New York Times brought news of a mid-ocean ship rescue, a dramatic fire in the Bronx, and “bloody noses galore” in the French parliament.

Also, on page 51, there was a dispatch under the headline, “Some Facts About Glass Eyes.” The facts spoke for themselves. Here are a few.

In spite of the tremendous influx of dark-eyed races in recent years, and in spite of the fact that every fourth person in New York is a Jew, the call for blue eyes overbalances all the rest.

There are more shades of blue than any other color, and they melt into one another with more imperceptible gradations.

One dealer estimates that 20,000 artificial eyes are in use beyond the Mississippi.


Life in large cities, where restricted vision, bad light, and indoor life prevail, destroys many eyes.

“Children have to learn a great many more things now than they used to,” said a... Continue Reading

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Sep 30
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