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Four self-portraits of Andy Warhol. Credit: Thomas Hawk.

Don’t rely on a single person for all your emotional needs, even if monogamous. It’s not a poly thing, it’s a diversification of assets.

Game designer Elizabeth Sampat goes on Twitter to share some lessons learned. (h/t Kottke)
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This appearance of Masha Gessen on Full Frontal makes a good case for Gessen getting her own show.

Your Thursday afternoon features on possible war crimes committed by high-level players in our military.

First, Matthew Cole in The Intercept on SEAL Team 6.

The failure of SEAL Team 6 to hold itself accountable for battlefield atrocities has resulted in lasting consequences for operators at the command. “No one prepared our guys for the collateral damage and the second- and third-order effects of this war,” the former SEAL leader said. “Night after night of kill or be killed. [There was] so much savagery."

Second, Aaron Glantz in Reveal on incoming Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

“There have been credible reports that U.S. troops under the command of Gen. Mattis did target civilians, conducted indiscriminate attacks and also conducted attacks against military objectives that caused disproportionate casualties to civilians during military operations in Fallujah,” said Gabor Rona, who teaches international law at Columbia University and worked as a legal adviser at the Geneva headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross at the time of the siege. “All of these are war crimes."

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A lot of people who were prepared to buy, say, a military-style rifle if Hillary Clinton won are now saying there’s no sense of urgency.

A terrifying quote from a stock analyst describing the core of the gun industry's consumer base.
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Zebras have stripes because insects are annoying.

Tim Caro conducted hundreds of experiments, "over a 20 year scientific odyssey," (now available in book form) to figure out why zebras have stripes.

“It became sort of a challenge to me to try and investigate all the existing hypotheses so I could not only identify the right one, but just as importantly kill all those remaining.”

In the end? To hide from predators? Social recognition? No. To annoy flies. 


Pussy Riot, whose leaders Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova were jailed for two years for criticizing Putin, provide an apocalytic view of America ruled by the Russian president's BFF Donald Trump. 

We are supporting a business model which was appropriate to a historic phase in business history which is now over and which is largely irrelevant to the needs of modern business and now mainly serves the interests of a bloated finance sector.

Governance requirements have tipped the balance from businesses to finance, and should now be recalibrated.
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I’ll take a chicken nugget any day over a chicken tender. If the tender is more pure product, more Jonathan Waxman, the nugget is more food science, more Wylie Dufresne, more manipulation—a polite way of saying more processed. It is cooking as transformation.

Eater ranks America's chicken nuggets. Wendy's wins, White Castle loses, and McDonald’s nuggets are compared to golden labs.
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Sometimes books actually work quite well as websites: Matt Warshaw's coffetable titan The History of Surfing is now available online. Similar to the terrific Encyclopedia of Surfing website, but more narrative in laying out the sport's chronology.

Photograph: Tom Blake.

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