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A very stupid thing begins again. Credit: TMN.
In case you were curious: What happens if you accidentally break a piece of art in a museum? (Likely nothing.)

What's inside a tape measure? (We are such suckers for this kind of thing.)

See also: What's inside STEM Robots?

When asked about contemporary fascism, Art Spiegelman champions the art of Holocaust survivor Si Lewen.
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The White House's consideration of a carbon tax is significant—and highlights an internal rift.
Lipstick looks good on lips. Under a microscope, it's even more dazzling.

When Hannity watched the two women bonding in the green room back in February, says Lahren, “The first thing he said to us was ‘Remember, you guys have to fight in a minute.’”

Just one of the unsettling details from a profile of Jessica Tarlov, one of Fox's few regular liberal pundits.
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Signs of cannibalism show up in Spain from at least two different events between 10,000 and 9,000 years ago.

[For people who] take an opioid for 10 days, almost one in five will still be taking opioids one year later.

If opioids are taken for four days, the risk for addiction heightens. The solution: Shorten prescriptions to three days.
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A brief appreciation of Kawanabe Kyosai, whose work's on view at Bunkamura in Tokyo through April 16.
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