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Mar 31
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Mad Women

My Date With Don Draper

The TV series Mad Men is set to begin its final season. Finally we’ll know how many women—and how much Proust—it takes to make Don Draper happy.

Don (to Sylvia in a hotel room): “I’m flying upstate and when I come back, I want you ready for me.” (Picks up Sylvia’s novel.) “And I’m taking this.” —Mad Men, Season 6: Episode 7

Our eyes locked in the elevator. I lived on the third floor with my husband and baby. Don lived above us with his young, beautiful wife, Megan. Or had, anyway. Even though she had won awards in advertising and saved the Heinz account and was now a famous actress who spoke fluent French and cooked coq au vin and greeted Don at the door every night holding a martini and wearing nothing but Saran Wrap, it wasn’t enough for Don. She hadn’t read Proust.

Don hadn’t either but he’d been briefed on the concept. So when he spotted me carrying Remembrance of Things Past, he followed me out of the building.

“Get rid of your kid and come eat madeleines with me now,” he said.

“OK,” I... Continue Reading

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Mar 31
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