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May 22
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Breaking the News Cycle

White Guys (Friendship Never Ends)

An alphabetical update to important stories that have fallen off the front page, from the existence of Atlantis to the Spice Girls’ decline.


Breaking Story: People have been searching for Atlantis for centuries—the maybe-mythical utopian city that Plato claimed was submerged in the Atlantic Ocean after it angered the Greek Gods. About every year, a new underwater discovery is made that prompts tabloids to ask: “Has Atlantis been found in [Country Name Here]?”

Current Status: Found (again)? Using 51 details culled from Plato’s description of the lost city, the German computer programmer Michael Hubner attempted to calculate its exact GPS coordinates. The site Hubner found is a desert basin in Morocco with geographical features—like a central mound surrounded by (now dry) riverbeds—that coincide with Plato’s account. Hubner, who tried unsuccessfully to get scientists to excavate, said, “I think I made a mistake by mentioning Atlantis.”

What You Need to Know: Atlantis is probably just an allegory. 

Brothers, Koch

Breaking Story: Since David Koch ran for vice president on a libertarian... Continue Reading

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May 22
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