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A very stupid thing begins again. Credit: TMN.
Culture is the biggest variable in why men rape. Peer rejection and criminal justice is the answer.
Many luscious pictures here, particularly the maritime and surf work, by photographer Kenny Hurtado.

Membership in the CIA's glee club required a cover and security briefings.

Sam Stecklow

Documents recently released by the CIA as part of its CREST database dump show the extremes required to join the agency's Employment Activity Association, which, among other things, broke down activities into various tiers of drawing potential suspicion.

As MuckRock notes, women's basketball was considered to be more suspicious than men's.

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Russia's arts scene is thriving, despite a complex "game" of censorship—both of which support Putin’s rule.
Forty percent of the Bay Area's residents want to leave, including 46% of millennials.

We did our best here to teach Stephen the ethical standards of Judaism.

Stephen Miller's liberal Santa Monica synagogue seems unhappy at best with his newfound national notoriety.
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Finally, our minds can rest: Why knights fight snails in the marginalia of medieval manuscripts. See original research paper here.

Seattle sues the White House so Trump can't force sanctuary city police to handle immigration duties.

Chris Sgro, executive director of the gay rights group Equality North Carolina, said that the proposal “keeps North Carolina as the only state in the country obsessed with where trans people use the restroom through law.”

North Carolina will likely repeal the controversial HB2 to appease big business, but the compromise will continue to allow discrimination.
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