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What #Pobrezafilia Means for Mexico

Photos of poor, brown-skinned women, naked, in sexually suggestive poses, are flooding social-media networks.

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The woman in the photo has long, stringy, dyed blonde hair. It’s wet, and wavy on the ends where it falls against her back. Standing with her knees slightly bent in toward each other, she is leaning forward on a metal-frame bunk bed. On the mattresses lie piles of clothes, blankets, and toys. The flash from the camera casts a glow on her backside; the room’s cement and plaster walls remain in the shadows. 

She’s naked and is probably young, maybe 19 or 20. It might be a friend who is taking the photo, a lover, or a relative. By the looks of the accumulated clutter, a lot of people live in this home. She might be living with her mother, or her daughter, or both. But the crudeness of the photo makes it hard for me to imagine her in any kind of domestic situation.

This lewd portrait is full-size on my iPhone. Like so many others on this metro train in Mexico City, I&rsquo... Continue Reading

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