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Dec 19
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Grading the President

As President Obama enters his final days in office, a proper assessment of his tenure requires a variety of measurable, non-political categories: golf, offspring, homebrewing, and more.


William Howard Taft was the first president known to play golf. According to Don Van Natta Jr., author of First Off the Tee: Presidential Hackers, Duffers, and Cheaters From Taft to Bush, Taft once made the president of Chile wait while he finished a game of golf. Says Van Natta, “[Taft] said it was a chance to get out in nature and get some exercise. He said, ‘I certainly need it: Look at me.’ He really blazed a trail for all the presidential golf nuts to come.”

In 2009, Golf Digest magazine ranked President Obama as the eighth best presidential golfer since Taft (who ranked 11th in the same list). On inauguration day 1913, Taft told Woodrow Wilson, who had won the presidency in 1912, “Mr. President, I hope you’ll be happy here… this is the loneliest place in the world.”

Grade: 8 of 15, or 53 percent, is an “F.” With Obama’s 22 handicap (estimated by Van Natta), that bumps it up to 65 percent, a solid “D.”


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Dec 19
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