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A very stupid thing begins again. Credit: TMN.
New fashion line offers trendy clothing customized for cancer treatment.

Space is hard.

NASA scientists who've seen their lives' work vaporized in failed rocket launches find solace in platitudes.
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“It’s not for the faint of heart." An increasing number of patients want to be awake during surgery.
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Hong Kong's Sunday election went exactly as planned (by China’s central government).

Last summer, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren called the situation “ridiculous,” noting that the US has 7.3 square feet of retail space per capita, versus 1.7 square feet per capita in Japan and France.

The argument for America as "overstored"—too much retail that's too boring and too expensive to stay open much longer.
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Artist Eva Papamargariti's fractured digiscapes draw inspiration from architecture and the German language.

Does your minor want to be a miner? How about a McNugget cook?

From our archives, Mike Deri Smith investigates KidZania, the revolutionary theme park chain that lets kids play at corporate-sponsored employment.
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Because pedestrians can't stop/won't stop texting while walking, a Dutch town put traffic lights in the ground.

Nostalgia, most truly and most meaningfully, is the emotional experience—always momentary, always fragile—of having what you lost or never had, of seeing what you missed seeing, of meeting the people you missed knowing, of sipping coffee in the storied cafés that are now hot-yoga studios.

Michael Chabon on the true meaning of nostalgia. "You have placed a phone call directly into the past and heard an answering voice."
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