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A very stupid thing begins again. Credit: TMN.

I’m now regularly haunted by hyper, harmonized tweens shouting Rihanna lyrics (“He see me do me/Dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt”).

In praise of Kidz Bop.
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A tour of fashion designer Pierre Cardin's "Bubble Palace," designed by straight line–hating architect Antti Lovag.

As I get closer to Silivri [prison], this unlawfulness that we’re in becomes more concrete.

A reporter accompanies the wife of a prominent Turkish newspaper columnist locked up on false charges by the Erdoğan administration's purges.
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Wealthy folks with taste apparently paint their jets “Matterhorn white” (aka, "the new white") for $350,000.

The trends were clear well before Mr. Trump started rallying his blue-collar base with alarmist messages of protectionism.

Why Chinese manufacturers are relocating production to America—but not to shattered rust-belt communities. They're looking for skilled technicians.
↩︎ The Wall Street Journal
Recent paintings by Italian artist Anna Madia

Just as Britain is leaving the EU, another country might one day leave the euro. Any such step will be hard to manage. But if the union cannot embrace differentiation, it faces the risk of disintegration instead.

To survive another 60 years the European Union needs to do more yoga—i.e., become a lot more flexible.
↩︎ The Economist
Despite public perception that juvenile records are easily or automatically expunged, 24 states require a petition.
"The Pale Horse and its Rider, Buenos Aires," from recent murals by artist duo Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann.
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