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Our Culture War

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From “Truth Trucks” to viral videos, Operation Rescue head Troy Newman’s word is his sword.

Editor’s note: As of publication, police are investigating a five-hour shooting spree and standoff that took place on Nov. 27 at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood branch, in which nine people were injured and three killed. According to a statement released by Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman while the standoff was still in progress, “Operation Rescue unequivocally deplores and denounces all violence at abortion clinics.” Though police have not released details about his motive, shooter Robert Lewis Dear allegedly referenced “baby parts” at the time of his arrest.

I did the 500 miles between Iowa City and Wichita in seven hours, chased by a line from an Allen Ginsburg poem about a trip he took to Wichita during the Vietnam War: “The war is language / language abused / for Advertisement.” This was 2005, not 1966, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq had left me grasping for words to counter a vocabulary saturated with violence. But you can’t just show up at an organization’s door and... Continue Reading

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