The Morning News Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes  |   Final match! Station Eleven & All the Light We Cannot See

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About The Morning News

The Morning News (TMN) is an online magazine of essays, art, humor, and culture published weekdays since 1999. In addition to our features, each day includes our morning and afternoon headlines, with links to the most interesting news items, articles, and oddities around the web.

At TMN, we believe in good writing, tight editing, wit, curiosity, making mistakes, and solving them with tequila. We speak through what we publish. If you’re new here, we recommend starting with our vision of the future (“Planet Zoo” by Anthony Doerr), our galleries of artwork (Debbie Grossman’s “My Pie Town” or Martin Parr’s “Retratos Pintados”), or the Non-Expert’s suspect advice column (Jennifer Daniel and Erik Bryan’s “Can We Date”).

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, perhaps you want to read one of our celebrated #longreads, like Rosecrans Baldwin’s “Our French Connection,” Jay Caspian Kang’s “The High Is Always the Pain and the Pain Is Always the High” or Mike Deri Smith’s “State of Play.”

Each March, TMN also hosts the Tournament of Books, “the best literary prize in existence” (MobyLives), a literary event going into its 10th round in 2014. In the Tournament, the previous year’s finest novels are subjected to a four-week, March Madness-style battle, and the winner is awarded/threatened with a live rooster. “[Set] apart from more staid and traditional book contests,” (Los Angeles Times), the Tournament is “a rare pocket of civility and informed intelligence” (Salon) and “literary ‘blood sport’ at its best” (Utne). It’s also a lot of fun.


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