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When the next humanitarian crisis occurs, the cry of “no more Aleppos” may be compelling. In that sense, at least, Syrian civilians won’t have died entirely in vain.

Washington's zeal for humanitarian action ebbs and flows, which kills people.
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The Museum of Endangered Sounds houses recordings of AOL Instant Messenger, rotary phones, dial-up tones, Space Invaders, typewriter clack, even Tamagotchi. 

Good morning. Here's a lovely "Earthrise" captured from the moon. Have a great day.

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Among the better political ads we've seen this cycle: Wife pleads for her husband's reelection so he'll quit talking to her about city budgets and transit policy. 

Canada is right where Stephen Harper left us. It’s been a year since the election, and we’re still selling arms to Saudi Arabia, still cutting $36bn from healthcare, and still basing our economy on fossil fuel extraction, and running roughshod over indigenous rights to do so.

Op-ed: You know know Canada isn't warm, but it isn't fuzzy either.
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In case you feel like reliving the '90s for a minute, the producers behind Amy have set their sights on the Gallagher brothers.

In a world defined by our bodies, is it wrong to want more?

Should we apologize for finding transcendence in video games?
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RIP, Pete Burns

Pete Burns, singer of "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)," died. Despite his famous glamour and musical single, his high point might have come as a surly record shop clerk unafraid to foist his tastes on cowed consumers.


Some supposed authorities have deemed me worthwhile, and so now I “matter.” That is, until these authorities fade away, only to be replaced by new authorities. Gawd, I hope they like me. Just kidding. Fuck authority.

Elisa Albert's notes against ambition in literature and life.
↩︎ Hazlitt
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