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Credit: Michael Labrecque-Jessen.

The Assets of Trump and Their Mysterious Origins

  • The Trump Organization spent thousands unsuccessfully trying to break into the Cuban market in the late '90s, violating the trade embargo. Updated 15h ago
  • Employees at Trump golf courses in SoCal know to only staff hot hostesses when Trump comes to visit.
  • Trump Foundation has used over $250,000 of other people's money to pay off settlements from lawsuits against Trump's other assets.
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Credit: XPrize Foundation.
Duterte (third from left) leading the blowing of horns during the Torotot Festival 2015 in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines. Credit: Jeffrey Pioquinto.

The Widening Gyre That Is Rodrigo Duterte

  • Citing Hitler as a role model, Duterte vows to kill three million drug addicts. Updated 1d ago
  • Duterte has a 91% trust rating in the Philippines right now. To understand why, you have to understand what the Philippines have been through.
  • Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte orders the US military out of the nation's unrestful southern zone of Mindanao.
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I can tell you it is easier to do than a Chinese restaurant, and the profit margins are better.

Why so many of America’s sushi restaurants are Chinese-owned.
↩︎ Washington Post

"I'm going to get your demise.”

Among contributing factors to a rising homicide rate in many large American cities: More bullets, bigger bullets, and shooting to kill.


A fun, brief, illustrated primer on the mysteries of Mayan writing.

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Global Warming in Disposable Clothing

H&M blames poor August sales on hot weather. “Weather was certainly unhelpful across northern Europe, being too warm for the launch of the transitional autumn/winter ranges at full price and this has continued into September.”


What kept us company all week and surely into the weekend (with terrific write-ups in addition to the music): Pitchfork's "50 Best Ambient Albums" round-up. Spotify playlist over here.

My mother took a walk and met a woman; I grew up with her daughter like a piece of my own beating heart.

Moving essay by Zan Romanoff about helping her friend navigate depression and grief.
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Is Globalization Bad for the Global Poor?

Terrific, succinct, slightly meandering story on globalization in Vox about a study of sweatshops in Ethiopia, the value of "bad" jobs, and how the economists came to several conclusions, one being: “however unattractive these jobs are to the majority of workers, we do not conclude that Africa needs fewer low-wage manufacturers."


Many of my customers at the strip club wouldn’t have guessed that the money that they were handing me was getting split with the club at 50 percent.

Strippers and hairdressers work the exact same way (financially).
↩︎ The Billfold

The Phenomenon That Is “Contagious Accountability”

Police officers in seven regions in the US and UK wore body cameras for a year, 1.5 million officer hours across more than 4,000 shifts. Complaints fell by 93 percent. 

Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will" at the Imperial War Museum, London. Credit: Barney Moss.

Trump Goes Hitler?

  • According to Ivana Trump, Trump liked to read a book of Hitler's speeches before bed. Updated 1d ago
  • "Who Goes Nazi?" is an interesting, somewhat macabre parlor game to play with your friends.
  • Michiko Kakutani elegantly makes the case.
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Members of a visit, board, search and seizure team, assigned to the guided-missile frigate USS Vandegrift. Credit: Commander, US 7th Fleet..

When the Police Can Take Your Cash, Cars, and Home

  • Chicago PD has a massive, eight-digit, off-the-books bank account dedicated to proceeds from stuff it seizes from people. Updated 1d ago
  • Five municipal governments that rely most on civil asset forfeiture—and the fines that come with it—are towns of under 1,500 people.
  • Thanks to John Oliver and the Washington Post, Eric Holder banned the practice of police using federal laws to seize assets.
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The situation in Aleppo, as of September 4, 2016. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

A Ceasefire in Syria

  • The Syrian ambassador to the UK laughed when a reporter asked about recent bombings of civilians and aid workers in Aleppo. Updated 2d ago
  • UK ambassador despairs of destruction in Aleppo, which Russian planes have begun to target again in their support of Syria's central government.
  • UN halts aid operations in Syria after new bombings. US blames Russian warplanes; Russia blames terrorists.
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Colin Kaepernick. Credit: Brook Ward.