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Bowling Basin on the River Clyde, Scotland. Credit: John McSporran.

Photographs to put you in a peaceful mood, pre-weekend: New works by artist Marco Breuer.

Definitive proof that Phillip and Elizabeth will make it out alive

If we look at history, Russians are just better at spycraft. They infiltrated the Manhattan Project, the State Department, the White House, even the 1943 code-cracking unit the United States put together to watch the Soviets—a program not even presidents Roosevelt and Truman knew about.  


Best of luck with that wall

Visualizing the entirety of the US-Mexico border evokes a specific kind of satisfying closure (that the Germans probably have a word for?) in the knowledge that Trump's wall can't and won't ever be built.

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A person who meets the eligibility requirements of a voter under the Texas Election Code, Chapter 101, but who will be on a space flight during the early-voting period and on election day, may vote under this chapter.

Houston, we have a ballot: Texas makes sure astronauts can vote.
↩︎ Texas Secretary of State

Your Friday primer on the continuing saga of trans rights

A continuing series by intrepid BuzzFeed reporters Chris Geidner and Dominic Holden explores the "legal correction" that is the federal government's newfound progressivism regarding trans rights, how the (in)actions of ostensible cisgender allies blocked futher progress from happening for years, and how queer infighting over public bathroom rights could jeopardize everything.


Earth is melting. We all want to kill each other for no apparent reason. We’re all arguing over money, even though we just print it. The world sucks, man. But Tesla does have a mid-size sedan now, and that’s very important to the future.

An interview with Vince Staples and Eric André proves educational.
↩︎ Complex

Dakota Access—for who?

On the same day the Bundys were let off scot free after arming themselves and occupying a federal building, North Dakota called in out-of-state police to clear #NoDAPL protesters using sound cannons, rubber bullets, and web jammers.

Hillary Clinton's campaign released a canned statement in which she pledged to listen to both sides. If you feel like it's time for a deep dive into why indigenous peoples have rallied against the pipeline, here's your syllabus.


Everything in moderation until you're facing extinction

Everything in moderation, we're taught, and thus many of us balk at the radical nature of what we need to do to address climate change. WikiLeaks provides "an excellent demonstration of how tremendously dangerous centrist instincts are when it comes to climate change." Like when a Clinton advisor suggests challenging O'Malley's assertion that we need to zero out fossil fuels by 2050, calling it "unrealistic," until Podesta shuts him down.

One clear lesson for environmentalists combing WikiLeaks: "Like Obama, Clinton wants the left to push her."

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