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The distant fringe of dining habits

  • Meet Murree Brewery, Pakistan's only major alcohol producer—and a key part of peace in India-Pakistan relations. Updated 1d ago
  • The tyranny of pumpkin spice is all-powerful—but is it racist?
  • After 10 years at Grub Street, Adam Platt reflects on how blogs have democratized the restaurant industry.
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The Sandia Z machine, located in Albuquerque, N.M. Credit: Sandia Labs.

Recurring cases of the yips like Lester’s have occasionally afflicted baseball players, such as second basemen Steve Sax and Chuck Knoblauch, who suddenly could not throw to first, and catcher Mackey Sasser, who had trouble throwing the ball back to the pitcher.

You don't have to be a baseball fan to appreciate this story of how the Cubs' Jon Lester pitched a win last night despite being unable to throw to first base.
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Americans need something to fight for

For your Saturday morning reading pile: Is it true that Americans do (much, much) better when they have an enemy in common? "During eras of safety, the United States loses its preoccupying focus and people turn their attention to domestic affairs. The in-group versus out-group boundaries start to blur."


The Los Angeles Sparks beat the Minnesota Lynx, 77-76, to win the franchise’s third WNBA championship.

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How an entire state priced itself out of the market for entry-level home buyers

In California, building impact fees "have made entry-level housing almost nonexistent.”


Despite the admirable efforts of the short-lived metrosexual movement, most straight men still view the use of beauty products to enhance their appearance as taboo.

A battle cry for men to wear makeup—and the first time we've seen "metrosexual" called "admirable" and "a movement."
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Theresa May tells European leaders to quit holding summits without her

The UK's May reportedly told EU leaders, "It will be hard for me to accept things you agreed among yourselves.” EU leaders reportedly told May to suck it up.


Pen-and-ink music video of an underground escape from unknown creatures is one way to motivate you to finish the morning. 

The Clinton Foundation in Colombia: not great

The Clinton Foundation's extensive work in Colombia should, by all accounts, be exemplary. Instead, it directed profits to a donor's energy company at the expense of poor Colombians.

On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton trumpets a progressive vision: worker’s rights, environmental protections, safeguards for indigenous peoples, support for women’s business ownership—the sort of ideals typified in positive media reports about the Clinton Foundation. Colombian political progressives, particularly senators and union officials who have experience with the Clinton Foundation, conveyed skepticism to us about the former secretary of state’s support for those values.


Your Friday Kickstarter: Loes Heerink spends days photographing vendors in Hanoi from above, and hopes to make a book from the photographs.

We're reminded of Alejandro Cartagena's photographs of car poolers.

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Leading while female

  • Huma Abedin revealed by Wikileaks to be a very Clinton-specific Google search of a human being. Updated 1d ago
  • Authors pay homage to Michelle Obama.
  • In Iceland, a politician breastfeeding while giving a speech is routine.
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The art of political persuasion

  • Donald Trump persuades Mark Cuban not to vote for Donald Trump. Updated 2d ago
  • Sociologists show that communities in physical proximity share voting behaviors far more closely than demographics like race, income, or age.
  • Research proves that lawn signs can be an effective investment in close races.
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Kawit Cavite, Philippines. Credit: Jill Encarnacion.