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The distant fringe of dining habits

  • Meet Murree Brewery, Pakistan's only major alcohol producer—and a key part of peace in India-Pakistan relations. Updated 3h ago
  • The tyranny of pumpkin spice is all-powerful—but is it racist?
  • After 10 years at Grub Street, Adam Platt reflects on how blogs have democratized the restaurant industry.
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The Sandia Z machine, located in Albuquerque, N.M. Credit: Sandia Labs.
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Leading while female

  • Huma Abedin revealed by Wikileaks to be a very Clinton-specific Google search of a human being. Updated 22h ago
  • Authors pay homage to Michelle Obama.
  • In Iceland, a politician breastfeeding while giving a speech is routine.
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By using face recognition to scan the faces on 26 states' driver's license and ID photos, police and the FBI have basically enrolled half of all adults in a massive virtual line-up.

Half of American adults are in a face-recognition database, according to a Georgetown University study.
↩︎ Arstechnica

More reasons why evolution is true

In a new paper in Scienceresearchers conclude that several traits in humans—including lactose tolerance, hair and eye color, and parts of the immune system, as well as height—have evolved within the last 2,000 years.

See also: "Young people decide whether they’ve had enough to drink the same way the cruise control on a car 'decides' whether to accelerate or hit the brakes."


Bloomberg parodies other magazines for its "Year Ahead" issue. Creative director Rob Vargas explains his exercise in cliché: "We decided to execute very, very bad facsimiles of existing publications that cover each topic, simply because we thought it would be funny."

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Presidential debates and House of Cards prove popular in Iran

Last night's debate aired on three channels in Iran, in Farsi, Arabic, and English. This came after the previous showdown was the first US presidential debate ever broadcast live in Iran.


Imperfect though Trump may be, the argument goes, he has all the right enemies.

Long interesting Sam Tanenhaus article on "the rise of the reactionary" and changing schools within right-wing thought.
↩︎ The New Yorker

The most under-reported conflict in the world right now: Ethiopia's unrest

As risk factors go, "ethnic minority rule is one of the strongest predictors of some kind of state failure." See also: The Economist on Ethiopia's recent slide toward chaos.


Your Thursday white paper: Where global talent goes

The world’s highly skilled immigrants are increasingly living in just four nations: the US, UK, Canada, and Australia (research here). 

Computer scientists have come up with an algorithm that can fairly divide a cake among any number of people.
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Credit: Margie Savage.

The art of political persuasion

  • Donald Trump persuades Mark Cuban not to vote for Donald Trump. Updated 1d ago
  • Sociologists show that communities in physical proximity share voting behaviors far more closely than demographics like race, income, or age.
  • Research proves that lawn signs can be an effective investment in close races.
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Kawit Cavite, Philippines. Credit: Jill Encarnacion.
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