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Witches, 1508. Credit: Hans Baldung.

A quest to find the origin of pencil lead, "a truly remarkable history."

Her Republican opponents will quickly argue that her election was not a referendum on her immigration-reform plan, her infrastructure spending ideas, or her childcare and family-leave proposals... The campaign, they will claim, was simply a rejection of Trump.

Ryan Lizza says President Hillary Clinton is going to have a mandate problem.
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"The future that actually happens will never feel quite as futuristic as the one that gets frozen in time. Our self-driving cars will still feel like ordinary cars, even if they can do things that we once thought impossible." How we found (and lost) the dream of Personal Rapid Transit.

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There is no such thing as a true rebel

"Even when we think we’re being different, we’re being influenced. Avoiding influence doesn’t mean we’re still not subject to it." A true rebel has never existed.


For eight years, nearly every decision made by Republican lawmakers has been motivated by a paralyzing fear of a base whose news diet has become completely detached from reality.

Obama's old speechwriter is pulling for reasonable Republicans to win the party's civil war, but the balance of power in the GOP leaves him no reasons for optimism.
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"This map of London districts, was intended to be used as a grand “masterplan” of how a post-WW2 London could look. Each district appears as a simplified “blob” with rounded edges – many districts are simple ovals. Specific single 'University,' 'Government,' 'Press,' and 'Law' districts are all defined. Blue dots mark out the main shopping streets, with town halls marked with larger red dots."

Exposure of high-end poker cheating devices. "Using a modified phone as a cheating device offers the key advantage that it is impossible to tell that it is a cheating device unless you know what to look for."

The triumph of populism has left conservatism marooned, confused, uncertain, depressed, anxious, searching for a tradition, for a program, for viability.

↩︎ The Washington Free Beacon

Turkey wants to reclaim the Ottoman Empire

Putin isn't the only one interested in restoring his nation's previous borders. Turkish President Erdogan has started playing to an irredentist flank of his nationalist base with crude maps that put Greek islands and even Mosul under Turkish control. Kemal Ataturk's willingness to cede Greek islands and other territories after the First World War, in this view, is recast from heroism into cowardice.

And yes: irredentism is real.

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