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The Power of the Dog

Don Winslow's third novel, The Power of the Dog, is a white-hot, high-velocity narrative through the narco-trafficking of the '70s, '80s and '90s, credibly implicating the various drug- and law-enforcement agencies in Mexico and the U.S., the mob (Irish and Italian), and the Vatican (and, if you are a believer, God). Winslow's got the writing chops, and then some, to keep this big brawny tale speeding forward. And, as with any good story, I was sorry it ended.

Robert Birnbaum is editor-at-large at Identity Theory. All the sketchy details of his life will be (re)fabricated in his memoir-in-progress, Just Talking: How to Do Things With Words. His weblog can be found here. More by Robert Birnbaum

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