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Watching Target: Women

Do you watch’s media-mocking show, Infomania? You could call it The Daily Show’s younger sibling: The humor is goofier, the tone is lighter, and the subjects are less serious—really, a nice complement to the relentless laughing-at-horrible-news from Jon Stewart.

The best part of the half-hour show is Sarah Haskins’s “Target: Women” segment, in which she examines “the often-ridiculous way the media reaches out to women.” I know, I know: how many MST3K-style mockery of dumbass commercials can there be until we reach saturation? My friends, I give you the latest Target: Women: Birth Control. (Check out the other Target: Women videos for Sarah’s opinions on Botox, wedding TV shows, and yogurt commercials. The yogurt segment comes highly recommended by just about every woman who’s seen it, especially me.) —
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