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Listening Up Anchor!

If you’ve misplaced the Knife in all the mist, turn back and find their best half in a new guise as Fever Ray. Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson nurtures her solo beats and breaths with great care, giving cavern ghosts a black-hole heartbeat, a beat and pace that LCD Soundsystem’s 45:33 wields so well. Or, should Joanna Newsom’s folk harmonies find you mud-stuck, take Anni Rossi’s hand and venture elsewhere, with a fresh breeze behind you.

The signal that above comparisons emit is weak, but amongst Hope and downward slopes, they give our adventure a keener sense of direction, suggesting we make for the horizon, especially in the roughest seas. Animal Collective have lit clouds that will burn and color my year, so I ask a lot of the rest. But it’s folly to critically compare, or assign points. Sometimes we just need new faces to challenges us, move us, and make us move.

Weathering the storm in the harbor, keeping everyone safe? Then choose Emmy the Great’s sweet London folk music that isn’t really anti-anything. Or choose Morrissey. We love Morrissey. Neither are safe or middle of the road. They are uncomplicated, trusted, and utterly enjoyable; the sort of anchors we need from time to time. —
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