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Electrostatic Beepcore: Sine-wave generators and rheostats through effects • Noh Punk (also, Kabunki): Highly theatrical, traditionally dissonant DIY performances • Pubstep: Drinking songs set to reggae-inspired percussion • Assical: Sexually explicit lyrics rapped over symphonic arrangements • Breakbleats: Barnyard animal sounds set to 120-bpm drum and bass loops
Dan Deacon has garnered notoriety in some circles for his particular brand of electrostatic beepcore (coinage mine), and for, if nothing else, proving that Baltimore can produce relevant artists in our time (an honor he shares with Wham City and David Simon). So proud is Deacon of his Baltimore colleagues that, in madcap sync with his musicianship, he’s curating and headlining a “round-robin” tour featuring many of his city’s best performers, 29 acts in all. The tour will feature alternating “Eyes” and “Feet” nights (where one can, presumably, watch or dance) as well as “Weird Round” performers randomly thrown into the mix. For an evening, all the performers will set up around the audience and trade off, song for song. As of now, this promises to be the most insanely audacious experiment in music tour history. See you on Feet Night in New York (Oct. 18). —

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