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Really? Yes, really. Credit: Alex Liivet.
Credit: World Bank.

Leading While Female

  • There’s a good chance we’ll see a record number of female Senators come November—and our government will be much improved. Updated 5h ago
  • Many women are spooks, but only a third of the CIA's leadership is female.
  • Hillary Clinton is the most closely observed woman in America, but we haven’t figured out how to interpret the data yet.
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Credit: James Willamor.

Crossing Guards

Chicago now escorts one in five students to school to provide safe passage in areas where bullets fly.


The Decarbonization of California

Tomorrow marks the 10-year anniversary of then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's commitment to curbing climate change in California. The San Francisco Chronicle summarizes what's changed—and, surprisingly, it's a lot. 


The Dairy Section of Our Dreams

Conventional thought holds that grocery stores put milk in the back to make you pass by other items to buy. But what if competition forces them "to put the milk more or less where the customers would like it to be?"

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Within a month of Mr. Zuckerberg curing mortality, the first wars over water resources would break out. Within a year, the World Health Organisation would be embarking on an emergency sterilization programme.

Op-ed: Mark Zuckerberg's plan to end disease is a sickeningly bad idea.
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Role Models Aplenty

The Chinese government estimates that women start 55% of new Internet companies. In the States, only 22% of startups have one or more women on their founding teams.


For Vin Scully's final game at the microphone, the Dodgers came back from a 3-2 deficit in the bottom of the ninth to win the National League West—so naturally Scully played tape of the time he serenaded his wife with "Wind Beneath My Wings," and made the whole stadium cry.

Politics in Pigeons

According to the following video, when the leader of a homing pigeon flock goes in the wrong direction, either he/she gives up command, or the other birds stop following. The actual study is pretty fascinating: researchers re-set the birds' "sun compass" (poor birds!) to evaluate changes in "flock hierarchy." (In other bird video goodness, an answer to the riddle: How long does it take a puffin to put a feather in its burrow?)


Goodbye, London

A new KPMG survey of 100 British CEOs finds that three-quarters of them are considering moving their operations outside of the UK. Among the executives, 72% said they voted to remain in the EU. 


On an average day in America, seven children and teenagers are shot dead. The Guardian profiles 9-year-old Jaiden Dixon, who was shot by his mother’s ex-boyfriend on his doorstep in suburban Ohio.

Credit: Victoria Pickering.

Police Unions: Good or Bad?

  • Police unions are frequently segregated, and frequently prefer to stay that way. Updated 3d ago
  • Criminologist finds little research into police unions and their effects on societies and cities—but nearly all of the research says they're bad.
  • Cops refuse to protect NFL players on grounds that athletes don't have freedom of speech.
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Credit: New Belgium.

Hyping the Great Outdoors

  • Ultramarathoner Karl Meltzer sets Appalachian Trail record with unique fueling strategy (including bacon and beer). Updated 6d ago
  • FOMO helped to kill the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Climber and Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard blames "the death of the outdoors" on Outside magazine.
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Credit: Thomas Hawk.

Your Leakage Is My Leakage

  • Welcome to the age of kompromat, or the well-timed release of compromising material. Updated 1w ago
  • FBI tries to figure out how to take hackers (and Putin?) to trial.
  • Former National Security Council spokesperson reflects on the panic of Washington elites in this period of regular email hacks.
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Credit: Michael Labrecque-Jessen.

The Assets of Trump and Their Mysterious Origins

  • Trump Foundation has used over $250,000 of other people's money to pay off settlements from lawsuits against Trump's other assets. Updated 3d ago
  • Trump has received nearly $900 million in tax breaks on his New York properties, often obtained by the means you'd expect from him.
  • Trump's mysterious foundation has no clear purpose, but it did once buy a $20,000 portrait of Trump himself.
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